Are you changing the right water?

Are you changing the right water?
the water in your pond is not constantly moving to some degree you may have
what is called “dead areas” in the pond. These areas can be a cause for concern
because the water quality in these areas will begin to deteriorate. You could performing
regular water changes each day without changing any of the water in these dead areas
for weeks. If you do not have a bottom drain and you are only drawing water through
your skimmer when you perform your water changes, again, you could be changing the
same water over and over again without ever changing the water in the bottom of the
pond. The water in the bottom of the pond is usually the most important water to change
because that is where most of the heavy metals and fish waste tends to settle out.
The solution is to first, make sure you have jets or some sort of return delivery
pipes inside the pond to constantly keep the water moving so that all the water is
homogeneously mixed together. Secondly, if possible, try to draw water evenly off
both the surface and the bottom of the pond when performing water changes. This will
help remove both the heavy metals from the pond bottom and the dissolved organic
compounds (DOC) which tend to collect at the surface.

What is the condition of the water you are adding?

Before you begin performing serious water changes you would do well to test the
water you are adding to the pond. You might be surprised what you find. Knowing what
you are adding to your pond will give you the chance to make adjustments to the water,
as you add it to the pond, if necessary. You should consider testing the new water for
the following;


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