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Are you changing the right water?

Are you changing the right water? the water in your pond is not constantly moving to some degree you may have what is called “dead areas” in the pond. These areas can be a cause for concern because the water quality in these areas will begin to deteriorate. You could performing regular water changes each Continue Reading

Water Changes

Why are water changes so important? Regular water changes are a very important part of raising healthy koi to their full potential. The following are just a few of the reasons why regular water changes are so important; – Regular water changes prevent the build up of anti-growth hormone in the pond. Koi, like many Continue Reading


Pond Filtration

Pond filtration is another important part of raising koi. It is almost impossible to maintain proper water quality without a properly sized filter. You might think of the filter as being the heart of your koi pond. If it is strong and healthy the whole pond will be also. If you already have a filter Continue Reading

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