Pond LightsUnderwater lights – Underwater lights allow you to enjoy the koi twice as much. After sundown instead of having this large dark hole in the yard, with lights you now have a beautiful well lit koi pond. Underwater lights can be a little pricy but how quickly you forget how much you paid for something that you really enjoy. I guarantee you will love the lights if you decide to install them in your ponds. There are two new lights on the market that work extremely well. The Intellibrite 75 watt LED light works very well in larger ponds where the Melody 10 watt LED light works well in ponds smaller than 3000 gallons.
There are some things you need to consider when designing a light system for a koi pond. If you have one side of the pond that people will be viewing the pond from most of the time you want to place the lights in the wall on that side of the pond. The reason for that is that the light will flow out and hit the side of the koi and reflect back so you can see the koi. Any lights on the other side of the pond will only shine in your eyes and light up the other side of the koi. No one is looking at the other side of the koi. The two LED lights mentioned earlier work exceptionally well on koi ponds because they shine out at a 160 degree radius unlike normal pool lights which have a 60 degree radius. This means you will need fewer lights to light up the whole pond. Additionally, keep in mind that unlike a swimming pool which has white or light blue sides, the sides in a koi pond will eventually be black if they are not already. You will get no light reflecting back into the pond. For that reason you will need much more light than you would in a swimming pool of similar size.